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Let's .make fun

How to use drush .make file to maintain your codebase and avoid really strong headaches

DrupalCamp London 2016

About me

Common ways of setting up a Drupal project codebase (hopefully not so common...)

Manual Download from

Clone Drupal GIT repo(s)

git clone myproject

Use Drush

drush dl devel

Other or Custom ways


Me too!

Drush Make

One tool to rule them all,
One tool to find them,
One tool to bring them all
and in the project bind them
Drush extension able to create a ready-to-use drupal site, from a simple text file (.make) listing rules (source types, paths, destination names) and dependencies. drush make myfile.make my-docroot

What drush make IS

What drush make IS NOT

*will see how later on...

The .make file

File and Syntax

Projects & Libraries


Includes & Overrides

Painless Patching

Patching from your .make file


You have the control of the workflow and the system


You have the control of the workflow and the system

and NOT the other way round!!!

Tips and Tricks

Everyday examples, suggestions, ideas

.make your workflow


.make your workflow (2)

.gitignore: !docroot/sites docroot/sites/* !docroot/sites/all docroot/sites/all/* !docroot/sites/all/modules docroot/sites/all/modules/* !docroot/sites/all/modules/custom !docroot/sites/all/modules/feature

Controlling recursion

do_recursion: 0



contrib_destination: "sites/"

Patching issue

type = git

Custom .htaccess?

Patch the core!

Thank you!




Questions or Lunch???




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